Monday, April 30, 2012

Johnny Cash- God's Gonna Cut You Down

The cast in this is EPIC.

Moby- Love Of Strings

With a GREAT nature montage.

Air- Playground Love

The Virgin Suicides

Sigur Ros- Igaer, Minn Heima

Gorgeous soundscape..... Fan video is kind of dark, but song is delicious.

Find their website HERE.

Pete Yorn- Life On A Chain

Find his website HERE

Drake- The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne and Tyga)

Edited for the kids...... but one hell of a track. And me lovey me some Lil Wayne action....

8mm- No Way Back (live at SNOCAP)

Juliette Beavan, her husband Sean Beavan, and Jon Nicholson.... beautiful, lush trip-pop.....

Listen on MySpace.

Modest Mouse- Gravity Rides Everything

This is a fan-made video. Such a gorgeous song. I love Isaac Brock. He is from Isaquah, WA where the blueberries rival New England's.....

Find Modest Mouse HERE

Max Romeo- Chase The Devil

Love this studio version from 1976.....

JJ- Things Will Never Be The Same Again

Love that Swede Pop...... So very Beach House.....
JJ is Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander. Here is their page on Secretly Canadian.

Bumble Bee Slim- Sloppy Drunk Blues

Click Here to see Bumble Bee Slim's bio. It is short, and possibly one of the most interesting I have ever read.......

This song was also well played by the original John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson.....

Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread

Can't find much biographic information. But AWESOME!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Givers and Theophilus London - Words - Live @ The Switch

So freaking good. Givers out of Louisiana. Theophilus London from Brooklyn. I want to jam, too.

Find Givers on Facebook.
Find Theophilus London on Facebook.