Saturday, November 26, 2011

Product Plug?

I hate to admit, but I get very one-track-minded when I like a thing. Give me a song I love, and I'll play it over and over. Give me a music site I dig, and I might get wrapped up for a bit. I am hooked on Spotify. I am sure there are other arguable interfaces. I have tried some, but not all. However, I am SOLD on the premium package. It is the best $10 I'll spend all month.


You can try it for free for 48 hours. They will send you an email where you are able to follow a link to get 30 more days free IF you give them your card number. Then, cancel or pay $10/month. I'm keeping my iTunes, and not to knock iTunes by any means. However, Spotify is giving me major unlimited play capacity from home and the ability to have my playlists on my iPhone. Loving it.

CONS: Have to change settings immediately or it starts blasting stuff to your Facebook profile. Super easy interface. Minor adjustment to resolve conflict. Some artists not there or not available and certain albums could be missing from an artist' library. My biggie was that the commercials drove me nuts and you can't get rid of those until you pay your $9.99....

Here is a review on Gadget Review

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